Valium Dosage Guide

  • Valium is among the top effective benzodiazepines that work brilliantly in managing anxiety disorders and other health conditions when taken in the right dosage.
  • The Valium dose may be taken either with or without food. Avoid the consumption of alcohol, grapefruit or grapefruit products while on this drug as there can be harmful side effects.
  • Depending on the dosage instructions, the Valium pills should be taken as many times in a day as recommended at the right time, without modifying the dosage in any manner.
  • The Valium dosage is usually decided on based on the severity of symptoms and the patient’s response to the treatment. The patient should disclose the complete medical history and other drugs being taken if any in order to any adverse effects.
  • Valium should not be misused or abused in any way as this can result in addiction, overdose, and even become fatal.
  • When you buy Valium online, always get the pills only in the prescribed dosage and quantity as indicated in the prescription.
  • Do not stop taking Valium on your own as there can be uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. This is especially important if you become pregnant while on Valium. Take the doctor’s help for any dose adjustments.
  • The Valium dosage is recommended only for a maximum of four months unless the doctor deems it suitable to continue taking the anxiety medication for longer.

Valium 2mg

Valium 2mgValium 2mg is the lowest available dose. The Diazepam pill is white in color and round in shape with a hole depicting a V in the middle. The tablet itself has the imprint of Valium and the dosage strength on one side while the other side contains the imprint ‘VALIUM ROCHE.’ There is also a scored line on one side to help split the pill easily if required to take just 1mg of the anxiety drug. Valium 2mg is typically prescribed to check the tolerability of the drug and how effective it is in managing the anxiety symptoms. Halving the dose may be required for pediatric and elderly patient groups. Take Valium 2mg only as indicated in the prescription. You can always buy Diazepam online in the 2mg, but before doing so learn how to take the drug right.

Valium 5mg

Valium-5mgThe next highest dose, Valium 5mg, is similar in many ways to the 2mg formulation. The only differences are that Valium 5mg is pale yellow in color and the dosage strength marked on the pill is ‘5’. Since the dosage is indicated to be more potent than the 2mg one, it is recommended to take the dose in the number of times and the appropriate timings as recommended in the prescription.

Valium 10mg

Valium-10mgThis is the highest dosage of Valium and is also similar to the other dosage formulations. Valium 10mg, however, is light blue in color and the dosage strength marked in the pill is ‘10’. Buy Valium 10mg by keeping in mind all the dosage instructions. Misuse in any way can have potentially dangerous health repercussions.